Saving Grace Village is made up of a team of volunteers committed to empowering adolescent girls. Our volunteers are involved in a variety of activities from recordkeeping and fundraising to planning retreats and leading activities.


Who: Molly Burke, project coordinator for JE Dunn Construction (shown at age 13)

Volunteer role: Program/Volunteer Committee member, volunteer coordinator and retreat volunteer

What inspires you to volunteer? I am inspired by Saving Grace Village's mission to provide a place for girls to find the power and strength within themselves to do anything they want.


Who: Pam Burke, bookkeeper for Business Acceleration, LLC and mother (shown at age 13)

Volunteer role: Finance Committee member and retreat volunteer

What inspires you to volunteer? I love watching girls try something new and praise each other’s work. You know there will be a ripple effect as each girl goes back out into the world ready to share what they have learned about themselves.


Who: Brenda Graf, project associate for Full Circle Group and mother of two (shown at age 13)

Volunteer role: Leading cookie decorating, jewelry making and painting

What inspires you to volunteer? I've always enjoyed teaching others things I'm passionate about and sharing the gifts I’ve been given. During a retreat, it's exciting to watch girls try new things and find out how talented they are. Knowing I may help them come out of their shells a bit and build confidence is very rewarding.